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welcome to the wabi Sabi podcast.

Welcome to our podcast exploring the beautiful Japanese principle of Wabi Sabi – an ancient philosophy that teaches us to find beauty in imperfection and accept the natural cycle of growth and challenge.

Join us as we delve into how we can apply this concept to our own lives. We’re sharing stories and insights from our own journey as business coaches who have embraced imperfection and uncertainty in the pursuit of growth and fulfillment.

Let’s discover together how we can cultivate resilience and gratitude in the face of life’s unpredictable challenges, and learn to appreciate the beauty in every moment, no matter how imperfect.

listen to an episode.

040: Price vs Value
040: Price vs Value
Join Laurence Tham and Jim Karagiannis as they dive into the fascinating world of business dynamics in this episod...
May 13, 2024
039: Upgrade Your Identity
039: Upgrade Your Identity
In this thought-provoking episode, Laurence Tham and Jim Karagiannis delve into the transformative journey of upgr...
May 02, 2024
038: Creating a Superhighway for Success
038: Creating a Superhighway for Succes...
In this conversation, Laurence and Jim discuss the process of creating a super highway to success. They explore ...
April 25, 2024
037: Protecting The Downside
037: Protecting The Downside
In this episode, Laurence and Jim discuss the importance of protecting your downside in various aspects of life, i...
April 18, 2024
036: Authentic Leadership
036: Authentic Leadership
Unleash Your True Leadership Potential: Authenticity in Action Jim and Laurence dive deep into the world of authen...
April 11, 2024