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welcome to the wabi Sabi podcast.

Welcome to our podcast exploring the beautiful Japanese principle of Wabi Sabi – an ancient philosophy that teaches us to find beauty in imperfection and accept the natural cycle of growth and challenge.

Join us as we delve into how we can apply this concept to our own lives. We’re sharing stories and insights from our own journey as business coaches who have embraced imperfection and uncertainty in the pursuit of growth and fulfillment.

Let’s discover together how we can cultivate resilience and gratitude in the face of life’s unpredictable challenges, and learn to appreciate the beauty in every moment, no matter how imperfect.

listen to an episode.

045: Finding Blind Spots
045: Finding Blind Spots
This episode features Laurence and Jim discussing the concept of blind spots and how they can impede our personal ...
June 20, 2024
044: Dealing with Distractions
044: Dealing with Distractions
In this conversation, Jim and Laurence discuss the challenges of dealing with distractions in today's society....
June 13, 2024
043: Sliding Doors
043: Sliding Doors
The discussion focuses on the concept of "sliding door moments," inspired by the film "Sliding Door...
June 07, 2024
042: Newton vs Darwin Success Principles
042: Newton vs Darwin Success Principle...
In this episode, Laurence and Jim discuss the concept of success and how it is not a linear path but rather a comb...
May 31, 2024
041: Hidden Metrics
041: Hidden Metrics
In this episode, Laurence and Jim discuss the concept of observable metrics versus hidden metrics. They explore ho...
May 24, 2024